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"Designing your dream home should be a very easy as well as exciting and rewarding experience."

Jennifer Mirch


Ones home should speak to their own personal style,
evoke a simple comfort for a timeless design.

Jennifer Mirch is a leading Interior Designer located in South Florida with over a decade of experience, bringing expertise and professionalism to installations of all design types. Starting with the basic fundamentals: Listening to her clientele. That the story of their lives should be told through their space, interpreted through color, texture and light to achieve a one-of-a-kind design. Collaborating and involving the client in the design process to effectively create a true timeless style that is reflective of them and their lifestyle. To transform the space from ordinary too extraordinary, it is through teamwork that the true sense of style can be realized for each individual. With a devotion to style, design and quality of craftsmanship JMD brings together knowledge, a discerning eye for detail and sensibility to create a palette fit for life.

Jennifer Mirch - South Florida Interior Designer - Serving Palm Beach County and Beyond


As a native of Virginia, Jennifer began her love the Interior spaces while spending family vacations in some of the world’s most famous historical landmarks. Learning from the past that design is in everything, that the styles from yesteryear are still very present today and that there is a common thread that binds them all together. The design is in every detail. "It is the things you don’t see that make the room pop because you’ve seen them forever!" JMD says. "Those elements that are natural to every design, every room, it is at the very core of design but ever evolving to stay current. It is this sophistication the creates the warmth within the space and speaks to the soul."

Most of Jennifer’s youth was spent working with 4 older brothers in various build projects, from finishing interiors of homes, spending time in the wood shop creating furniture and accessories to working in the garden. Having the time to hone her skills and talent for creativity; listening to techniques
as well as watching the skilled hands of seasoned builders taught her the importance of hard-work, determination and that attention to detail is pivotal in creating something spectacular. She is a perfectionist today because of this.

During Jennifer’s early years she had a love for building miniature scaled houses (often referred to as dollhouses, minus the dolls as she puts it). This love transferred to real life when she decided on Interior Design as her major in college. She was a natural; she has a keen sense of scale and proportion within spaces and loves incorporating color, textures and light. JMD brings a creative yet simple approach to her designs; design should mirror the personal style of each of her clientele. Exploring the necessary, the unique, the extraordinary to bring out the natural beauty in each project. She has a love for every aspect of design and its process.


Jennifer studied at The Art institute of Ft. Lauderdale graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Interior Design while working full time with a high end furniture showroom, Kreiss Collection based in California. Spending 14 years with this company, Jennifer has shown an unparalleled loyalty in the industry and commitment to design. Rising to Regional Manager of the South Florida area she over saw some of the top preforming and prestigious showrooms that the company had within the country. She was given creative control of the Palm Beach and Boca Raton showrooms to offer a pop up design center, creating an evolving art gallery presentation within each for the trade as well as exclusive clientele. Jennifer learned the importance of quality in all aspects of the customer experience. Traveling to meet and design homes in and around the south Florida area but not limited to also include Washington D.C, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Colorado and the Caribbean has allowed Jennifer the unique ability to taste the local flavors for each area bringing back exciting elements to her design tool box.

Opening her own design studio had always been a dream and then in 2014 that dream became a reality, Jennifer Mirch Design Studio had been realized! Setting off to work with the discerning clientele in the south Florida area she stretched her legs with a fresh take on design- to listen first and design second, bringing her own style forward. Jennifer is known for her fearless straight-forward approach and that honesty is the first step to any relationship. Jennifer leads through courage of conviction, that there is a better more effective way to implement the design through teamwork.

"Sophisticated design is sometimes the simplest, to live with things you love." We strive to capture people and the way they want to live. Design is at the heart of everything she does.

JMD began offering renovation to complement her studio. The designer works with some of the highest quality craft and tradesmen in the south Florida area. Her team offers unmatched precision and dedication to bring her designs to life. Jennifer continues to be a strong part of the design community and is a true professional as her vision for design is a very personal one.
"Your home is not a simple dwelling it should inspire thought, should delight the heart and calm the soul. It should be a sanctuary that you alone enjoy and find refuge in. A place of comfort, style and function. That place is called home."

- Jennifer Mirch


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